Advanced Analytics & Reporting

Enabling insight- and idea-driven organizations.
Through advanced analytics, we help you exploit the power of data to become insights-driven and respond to evolving business demands.

How we support a client's journey to becoming insight- and idea-driven

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Pragmatic, value-based approach to advanced analytics and reporting
As trusted analytics partner providing end-to-end capabilities,  we start with an idea, help turn that idea into action, and then scale it, we call this pragmatic innovation. With pragmatic and innovative data strategies that encompasses transactional as well as contextual data, and advanced analytics capabilities BITG helps clients realize their full potential. The result is real-time analytics to support real-time business decisions.

01 Analytics critical data map

Working together to identify the information that is critical to the business and ensuring its quality

02 Analytics idea exploration

Workshop using the critical information and additional “big data” sources to identify real business value through specific use cases and applications

03 Analytics sprint

Taking one of the prioritized use cases and using data and advanced analytics to prove the value

04 Analytics advanced technology

Continuous development and innovation by assessing new data sources and using advanced analytics

05 Analytics production & scale

Building a future-proof data analytics platform that is secure, scalable and enables innovation

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