Human Resources & Payroll Solutions

  • Full Digital modernized HRIS solution – packed resources and templates to tailor as per organization unique requirements
  • Labour Relations & Grievance Handling
  • Health & Safety Management & Reporting
  • Covid-19 and Pandemic Incident Management

Digital Transformation of Human Resources and Payroll Solutions

A digital near paperless and seamlessly integrated HRIS solution is a must for any organization. The Digital HRIS solution must be capable to handle full lifecycle of an employee’s journey.  As we enter the so called new normal, it is critical to have the ability to manage dispersed and remote employees seamlessly and efficiently to avoid unnecessary costly disruptions.

BITG provides a proven Digital transforming HRIS solution tailored to the complex needs of today’s organizations operating in this new normal. A full end to end employee lifecycle solution from Hire to Retire. Including handling of Benefits, COVID and or pandemic support. Our payroll solution is capable of handling complex Union or Bargaining Agreements, including Time processing and Management

BITG has created a Digital workflow driven, Health & Safety and Labour Relations and Grievance Handling solutions that can be tailored for any organization. As more web technologies are playing key mission critical roles, our solution addresses the handling of Labour Relations in this new web technology era supporting employees and bringing gaps with Unions and key stakeholders or Collective Bargaining Agreements.

As the world faces and works hard to fight the Covid-19 pandemic, BITG is playing its part having created a Covid-19 and Pandemic Incident Management solution.  Our solution provides a holistic employee monitoring, and management of critical teams to ensure minimal disruptions to operations.  More importantly protection of the most critical part of any organization its workforce is one of the key drivers behind the solution.

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